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The book review for this week is Growth IQ by Tiffani Bova.

Bova has written a powerful book that describes the optimal paths to business growth in today’s marketplace. She backs up her theories with excellent case studies using relevant businesses and their current levels of success and/or failure.

My takeaways from this book are the ten paths to business growth shown in the list and diagram below and the knowledge that most of these paths are not stand alone. Most business growth comes from applying a number of these paths in a strategically informed sequence. In fact, context, combination, and sequence can be the key to success!

  1. Customer Experience – This is the base for all business growth. The customer experience will make or break a business. All businesses need to inspire additional purchases and customer advocacy in the marketplace!
  2. Customer Base Penetration – This is basically selling more of your existing products to existing customers.
  3. Market Acceleration – Expansion into new markets with existing products.
  4. Product Expansion – Create and sell new products into your existing markets.
  5. Customer/Product Diversification – Creating and selling new products into new markets.
  6. Optimize Sales – Streamline sales efforts to increase productivity of existing sales channels.
  7. Churn (Minimize customer loss) – Retention of existing customer base.
  8. Partnerships – Leverage third-party alliances, channels, and ecosystems to expand your business.
  9. Coopetition – Cooperate with a market or industry competitor to sell a new product or reach a new market.
  10. Unconventional Strategies – Disruption of current thinking



Note that I have previously reviewed the following books in 2018:

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  10. Stay on Top of Your Work podcast episode #15
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  14. Travis Christofferson’s Tripping Over the Truth
  15. Michael Zipursky’s The Elite Consulting Mind
  16. Mike Michalowicz’s Profit First
  17. Vanessa Van Edwards’ Captivate
  18. Seth Godin’s Linchpin
  19. Pat Flynn’s Will it Fly?
  20. Andrew McAfee’s and Erik Brynjolfsson’s  The Second Machine Age
  21. Allan Dib’s The 1-Page Marketing Plan



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