If you are looking for a way to propel your career and business to the next level,

consider joining a Thinking Business Mastermind Group!

A Thinking Business Mastermind Group consists of a group of 10 highly motivated and driven business executives, business owners, or entrepreneurs that meet virtually for 1 hour once a week and meet face to face twice a year. These sessions are designed to enable powerful problem solving, creative thinking, and disruptive innovation!

Each Mastermind Group is focused on helping leaders navigate marketplace complexities and build successful and lasting business legacies.

Each member of the group is carefully screened to ensure that the resulting group is diverse, dynamic, synergistic, and productive!

The meetings are professionally facilitated sessions and include:

  • Successes and Inspiration – A review of the prior week’s business wins, tools, tips, and ideas
  • Hot Seats – Each member gets a chance to share an issue they are dealing with. The rest of the group provides advice and insight on how they have solved problems similar to this in their experience.
  • Goal Setting – Each member states their goals for the next week and provides a status update against their goals from the previous week.
  • Fuel! – A positive recap of the meeting combined with productivity principles, tools, processes, or productive business hacks.

Leverage the power of collective business peers to accelerate your career and business to the next level!

Each group member is expected to:

  • Have a strong and compelling vision to lead a thriving business, church, non-profit, government, or other organization
  • Be working diligently towards implementing this vision
  • Have an unquenchable desire to accelerate their life, leadership ability, and organization
  • Be open to others providing wisdom and counsel into their life
  • Be willing to fully participate in adding value to others and their endeavors
  • Participate in weekly 60 minute “virtual” meetings
  • Participate in 2, face to face, half-day meetings per year
  • Invest financially towards their success with a mastermind membership

Don’t miss out on this tremendous opportunity for personal and business growth! Call or email us today to start your application process.

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Check out what some of the current members are saying!

Matthew Swinamer, P.Eng – As a young professional with limited exposure to the vast arrays of the business world, through Mastermind, I am exposed to industry experts, entrepreneurs and diverse thinkers on a weekly basis. Through the virtual interface, from my desk I can call on 130-150 years of perspective to help me in my  navigation of career development and realizing opportunities in front of me. I value the interactive nature, no-one is a spectator and everyone’s opinions are welcome. Dave has an incredible gift for weaving common threads through everyone’s thoughts and tying it up into a succinct and thought provoking conclusion. It has been a privilege to be apart of the first Mastermind group and I would recommend this to anyone who is seriously interested in seeing themselves developed, personally and professionally.

Osazele Ebinda, MBA, CA, B.Com– I joined Mastermind many months ago and have made great connections with the members and through the members. The culture of the group is amazingly collaborative and reinforcing. Members engage spiritedly and trustingly. It’s been a delight to give and receive back from the awesome team in the group.  Dave is sensitive to the people’s business needs and has incredible response time. Organizations (big or small) can learn what winsome customer service is from him.

Pranav Vaidya, P.Eng, MBA – As we get to the far end of the industrial revolution, there is need for new thinking in business as well as personal growth areas. David Taylor, with his Mastermind provides that and more. David’s Mastermind initiative provides one stop solution that brings immense value in coaching, business development and networking to name a few. David is a rare combination of professionalism, mentorship and empathy to help individuals and businesses expand their horizon, thinking and of course to realize tangible and intangible benefits.

Andrew Berselli, MBA – It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend Thinking Business Mastermind. It is a business journey, an educational opportunity, and an exchange of ideas with top business people. David is the perfect facilitator of the group, always ready to support and go beyond any expectations. David carefully selects the participants of each group so that they get the most remarkable results! Mastermind is really worth it!