Consulting Services

I work with leaders to identify and focus on the number one thing that will grow their business

Specifically, I help business owners and business leaders communicate vision, implement strategy, remove process inefficiencies, eliminate debt, improve profitability, increase cash flow, and enhance return on investment.

There are seven ways that you can tap into my knowledge and expertise:

  1. Search my site. I have hundreds of articles on relevant business and leadership topics organized into the five categories in the toolbar above.
  2. Sign up to receive my weekly blog updates delivered to your email. I address common issues faced by business as well as providing business tools, tips and techniques.
  3. Download my free Ebook “12 Steps to Business Transformation” which describes the basic building blocks of a business and how they should be set up to be successful.
  4. Access free Business Tools on this site. This is a collection of some of the simple but powerful tools that I have used in business over the last 20 years.
  5. Become part of a Thinking Business Mastermind Group.
  6. Schedule a complementary 60 minute Thinking Business Assessment session where we discuss all aspects of your business at a high level along with your challenges and successes. I listen, ask questions and assess your business. This is a dynamic, highly interactive session that requires focus and full engagement. I follow up with an overall business health score and a high level report identifying areas of your business that need attention and how you can improve your business and grow while improving profitability, cash flow and return on investment.
  7. Follow up consulting sessions to assist with the implementation of the recommendations from the Thinking Business assessment.

If you are ready to book your Thinking Business assessment session or for consulting services, you can contact Thinking Business by emailing your inquiry to or by calling +1 (587) 227-5179.

Here are What Customers are Saying


Dave Taylor arrived on the scene during one of the most challenging seasons in our 14 years of business.  Using the Thinking Business Blueprint, he identified the key areas of our business that needed immediate attention, gave us the insight, clarity, and focus we needed to get us stable again and moving in the right direction.

Blake Schroeder – Intoria, Director of Operations


David spent time training us on business acumen and taking us through a process of defining vision, mission, values, BHAG, strategy, goals and KPIs. In doing this, he has “woke the sleeping beast” and refocused our organization to make a lasting and profound impact.

Alan Facey, Director at the DI


I worked with David and he helped me identify areas of improvement in my business that resulted in potential savings of 13% of revenue (which moved straight to net income!) In addition to this, we identified another 8% of revenue in one-time cost savings that could be used to pay down debt and position my business for success!

Glen Stark – Franchise Owner, Budget Blinds


There were some tough conversations but David was able to navigate us through them, keep the meetings focused on the end game, and unite the team around a powerful strategy and a comprehensive plan of action.

Natalie Nobel, Director at the DI


In challenging economic times, when businesses need to be “firing on all cylinders” (more than ever), Dave has defined the essentials that will equip business leaders to succeed.  From a fellow businessman, thank you.

Brian Vogelaar – Insight Automation Inc.


David took us through a discovery process that forced us to define why our organization exists. I now know, after working here for more than 15 years, why our organization exists and why I come into work every day!

Isabel Ries Ferrari, Director at the DI


Sampling of Customers Served

Here are some of the customers that Thinking Business has worked with recently.



Thinking Business believes in giving back to society in an effort to “leave things better than we found them!”  Here are several of the organizations that we are involved with.