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I’m David Taylor founder of Thinking Business and your Virtual Business Executive. Download my free eBook and discover the 12 Steps to Business Transformation!


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I Am a Virtual Business Executive


I help business owners and business leaders communicate vision, implement strategy, remove process inefficiencies, eliminate debt, improve profitability, increase cash flow, and enhance return on investment. Although I can meet with your team face to face, I can also do this virtually using web based tools and the tools and techniques I provide on this site.

Regardless of how we engage, a business transformation requires a deep dive into your organization using the Thinking Business Blueprint.


Understanding and defining the Thinking Business Blueprint components inside your organization takes time, focus, and expertise. It is easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged by a business that should be doing well but just isn’t firing on all cylinders!

I have developed a twelve step system complete with tools and templates that takes the complexity and mystery out of this process and will get your business engine purring smoothly!


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What You Can Expect By Implementing the System


  • Increased engagement of employees as they gain understanding of the Vision, Mission and Values and buy into the reason WHY the business is doing what it is doing

  • Identification and elimination of inefficiencies, unnecessary costs and other waste in all areas of your business

  • Identification and implementation of improvement opportunities in all areas of your business

  • Instilled culture of continuous improvement

  • Reduced time to market for new services or products because of your efficient processes

  • A culture of goal setting and achievement

  • Increased awareness of business health as everyone becomes aware of key business metrics and strives to improve them

  • Increased business acumen throughout all levels of the business

  • Identification of business opportunities in the marketplace that have not yet been pursued

  • A culture that embraces change and is well prepared to meet the demands of a quickly changing marketplace

  • A business that builds a proactive, dynamic and powerful strategy that sets the market pace rather than reacting to market changes dictated by others


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 What Others Are Saying


wayneking Dave’s blog and books provide a logical way for business executives to review and make the smart changes for continued growth. 

Wayne King P.Eng. – President & CEO, King Engineering


brian-vogelaarIn challenging economic times, when businesses need to be “firing on all cylinders” (more than ever), Dave has defined the essentials that will equip business leaders to succeed.  From a fellow businessman, thank you.

Brian Vogelaar – Insight Automation Inc.


dr-randy-johnsonLike putting one foot in front of the other, Dave lays out all the elements of what an individual or business needs to start right and to stay focused and true.  If you follow these steps I believe you will get to where you want to go.  I have applied these principles for myself.

Dr. Randy Johnson


Lucy Photo2If you own a business, want to own a business or want to make a difference in the business you’re in, 12 Steps to Business Transformation is a must read!  The information is on track, concise and will transform the way you approach, implement and run your business! 

Lucy Mrakawa – Managing Partner, Co-Founder, EvolveWell Integrative Medical Centre


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All You Need Is A Virtual Business Executive


I have spent much of my career in business management and business executive positions. Through these experiences, I have gained a wealth of experience, processes and tools that are invaluable when applied correctly to any business.

If you want to tap into my years of business experience and get your business firing on all cylinders, take the first step and sign up for my weekly email newsletter. When you do, I will give you access to my free eBook “12 Steps to Business Transformation” and access to some very valuable business tools!


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