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Most business people have an incredible drive to be successful and to make their business ventures successful. They are motivated to continually improve and grow as individuals and to transfer that growth and improvement to their business and their staff.

Not only do they want to provide for themselves and their family, they want to build a thriving and growing business that provides a solid career for their staff and makes an impact in their communities and in the world.

But the onslaught of daily life and the relentless demands of business wear them down and sap their strength. They become overwhelmed with the never ending responsibilities of the business!

Is This Where You Are At?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with your workload?
  • Are you missing business targets and goals?
  • Did your business strategy get tossed out the window because you are just trying to stay afloat?
  • Are you wondering how to break out of this pattern and get your business firing on all cylinders again?

If so, you are not alone. Overwork, stress and burnout are all too common in the business world!

I Have Been There

I have been a business executive for many years and I have experienced the highs and the lows of business. I know what it is like to be totally overwhelmed with work and not know how I can possibly get the business to deliver on its commitments. I also know what it is like to be responsible for a business in a severe downturn when there is not enough work for the staff and the business still needs to turn a profit.

These are very real and very stressful scenarios that business leaders face each and every day. Through these trying times, I was able to grow our revenue per employee by 58% and increase profitability per employee by over 7 times all while increasing employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction to the highest levels ever seen for that business!

I have learned a lot about business over the years and I am here to tell you that you and your business can be successful!

How This Blog Helps

Thinking Business is all about enabling business owners, entrepreneurs and business executives by providing relevant and timely business advice, insights and tools. Each week there is new content added to the site through the weekly blog (sign up here for blog insights delivered to your email).

The blog is organized by into five major topic areas shown below and contained in the toolbar on your screen above:

  1. Leadership
  2. Tools and Tips
  3. Strategy
  4. Culture
  5. Communication

Thinking Business Model

I base the content for the blog on a business model that I established and call the Thinking Business system. It consists of seven business components:

1. Vision 2. Mission 3. Values 4. Operations Engine

Vision icon

A powerful picture of the future which creates an ideal and unique image of what the organization will become or achieve. It provides the reason for the organization’s existence. It defines the organization’s WHY and is the organization’s “North Star.”

Mission icon

The mission defines exactly where you are going and what you are doing right now to attain the vision.  Essentially, a mission details WHAT the organization does every day to work towards achieving the Vision.

Values icon

Describes the behaviors that will get you from where you are now to achieving your mission and ultimately attaining the vision.  These driving behaviors govern HOW the organization drives toward successful Outcomes and they are the foundation of any organization.

Ops engine icon

This is the means by which the organization’s people, processes and tools are combined in a unique fashion to allow the business to produce its products and services. This is HOW the business produces Outcomes.

5. Goals 6. Objectives 7. Outcomes

Goal icon

Goals are well-defined targets that are critical to achieving the mission and ultimately the vision of the organization. Goals define WHAT the organization is going to do. They must be defined in a SMART format; Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound.

Flag icon

These are sub-goals that are needed to complete the larger goal. They define WHAT needs to be done to achieve the larger Goal.

Outcome icon

Outcomes are the results produced by the Operations Engine. If everything goes as planned, the Outcome of the Goal is the realization of the Goal as it is defined.

These business components are combined in a 12 step process shown in the following diagram and described in the written steps below.

Thinking Business Blueprint

Step #1 – Define the Vision of the organization

Step #2 – Define the Mission of the organization

Step #3 – Define the Values of the organization

Step #4 – Work through the strategic SWOT tool and define a high level business strategy

Step #5 – Build SMART Goals to achieve the strategy defined above

Step #6 – Define measurements and reports to monitor progress against the Goals and against desired business Outcomes

Step #7 – Complete the Strategy Summary to conveniently and succinctly document and communicate everything in items 1 to 6 above

Step #8 – Build/tweak your Operations Engine

Step #9 – Feed the Vision, Mission and Goals into the Operations Engine

Step #10 – Check the Outcomes from the Operations Engine using measurements from Step 6. Do some detailed analysis. What has to be changed to improve the Outcomes (Strategy, Goals or the Engine itself)?

Step #11 – Use the results of the analysis from Step 10 above and make adjustments to Strategy, Goals and Operations Engine as required to refine the Outcomes. Update the Strategy Summary as required. Note that the Vision and Mission may need to be adjusted but this is very rare. Vision and Mission should be very stable over the life of a business and should only change when the original Vision and Mission have been achieved or when the marketplace has changed so significantly that the Vision and Mission are no longer relevant.

Step #12 – Continually iterate through Steps 9, 10 and 11.


The Thinking Business Blog focuses on optimizing each of the individual components and describes how the components are integrated into your business so that your business is optimized and successful!


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