Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

The book review for this week is Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker Eker describes “secrets” he has discovered in studying rich people and contrasts these secrets against the working habits of ordinary people. Although I thought the book had too many advertisements for Eker’s seminars and too much new age fluff, […]

The Power of the Other

The book review for this week is The Power of the Other by Dr. Henry Cloud Dr. Henry Cloud is one of my favorite authors. He focuses on improving human performance by addressing psychological issues that all of us deal with. This book is no exception. He describes the four corners that all of us […]

How to Build a Killer LinkedIn Profile

The book review for this week is LinkedIn Riches by John M. Nemo This is a short but value packed book on how to optimize your profile on LinkedIn, leverage that profile to standout from competitors and then utilize the advanced tools LinkedIn provides to identify and contact potential customers. My takeaway from this book […]

Business Strategy That Actually Works

The book review for this week is Strategy That Works by Paul Leinward and Cesare R. Mainardi This is a detail oriented, fact rich, research based book that establishes a model for successfully translating business strategy to execution. They have done detailed studies on many companies like Starbucks, CEMEX and Danaher and put them into […]


4 Ways To Shred A Culture of Entitlement

“The quickest ways to kill entitlement are to regularly acknowledge what others have contributed to your current levels of success and always seek to increase this for others around you.” Andy Mason   What is a Culture of Entitlement? A culture of entitlement means that your employees arrogantly believe that they deserve a certain level […]