How Your People are the Key to Sustaining Success

We have all heard it said that people are the most important asset your business has. In fact, it is said so much that now we have become somewhat numb to it!

Do we really believe this? Are people truly the key to your organization’s success? What about innovation or leadership or cashflow or customers?

Sustaining Success

According to Tom Peters in The Excellence Dividend there are seven steps to sustaining success. These seven steps start with taking care of your employees. If you can take care of them and treat them with excellence, they will address all the other components of an excellent business!

  1. You take care of your people
  2. The people take care of the service
  3. The service takes care of the customer
  4. The customer takes care of the profit
  5. The profit takes care of the reinvestment
  6. The reinvestment takes care of the reinvention
  7. The reinvention takes care of the future

It all starts with your people. If you can take care of them properly, the rest of the business will work!

Take Action

Take some time this week to reflect on your staff and determine how you can support them better. Are there changes that you can make that will improve those around you? Even small changes can create huge results as your “people-focused” change ripples through the seven steps to sustaining success!

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If you and I will inspire the people with whom we come in contact to a realization of the hidden treasures they possess, we can do far more than change people. We can literally transform them.” Dale Carnegie


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