Do You Run From Challenges or Do You Face Them Down?

There are people who shy away from challenges and then there are people who are energized by attacking challenges and “defeating” them!

There are pros and cons to both approaches. However, I am not aware of any great accomplishment or breakthrough ever happening because someone was running away from a challenge!

All major technology, medical, literary, artistic, or other societal impacting breakthrough has happened because someone identified a challenge, took it on, and solved it!

I was reminded of this by my grandson Jett. He is going through a phase where scaring him does not result in him running away. Rather, he turns towards the “threat” and runs directly at it. He is challenging the threat!

This does not mean that he is always successful in “defeating” the threat. In fact, most of the time he fails . . . but this does not deter him or keep him from trying again!

And, as business leaders, this is what we all should be doing!

Things You Can Count On By Taking on Challenges

Taking on challenges is not for the faint of heart! Here are just some of the things that you will experience as you take on challenges.

  1. By the very nature of the word “challenge”, it will not be easy!
  2. There will be failure! You will fail often, perhaps more often than you succeed.
  3. You will encounter massive opposition along the way.
  4. You will most likely run across more challenges than you will have time to take on.
  5. Most challenges are bigger than any single person so you will need help.

Benefits of Taking on Challenges

Although taking on challenges can be daunting, the rewards for persevering and overcoming are huge! For instance:

  1. A massive challenge gives you a massive purpose for your life and business
  2. A massive challenge can open up huge opportunities and markets that you had not anticipated
  3. Most progress towards solving a massive problem or challenge is progressive and not all at once
  4. The progressive wins are motivating and rewarding
  5. Although success usually comes in the way of small wins, you will most likely experience a few massive wins
  6. Defeating challenges often requires partnering with like minded people. These partnerships can be extremely rewarding and life changing.
  7. You will probably pivot and change your focus as you are dealing with challenges. These pivots come as you redefine the challenge and refocus your efforts.

To me, it seems that the benefits to taking on a challenge are much greater than the benefits from running from a challenge!

Take Action

Take some time this week and reflect on your business. Make a list of all the challenges have you been running from instead of facing. Prioritize these challenges. Now, set aside time in your calendar for the coming weeks to build a strategy to address these challenges and “defeat” them!

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