Action Beats Strategy

Strategy without action is just hot air. You cannot strategize your way to success. You must take action and execute the strategy to see any results!

As Brad Feld and David Cohen stated in their book Do More Faster, “David didn’t beat Goliath with a whiteboard.” David beat Goliath by picking up some ammo (a few round stones), taking aim with his slingshot, and hitting Goliath in the forehead with a well-placed “kill-shot!”

This is strategy in action!

It is way too common for business leaders to “whiteboard” a strategy and then never implement it. They simply fail to translate their vision into actionable steps.

So, throw away your whiteboard and take some action!

Implement Your Strategy

Building an actionable strategy does not have to be overwhelming. It can be as simple as building some SMART goals aimed at achieving the various components of your strategy. I have written about this a number of times (articles referenced below) but here are six critical elements of an actionable strategy:

  1. Firstly, break your strategy into well defined SMART goals
  2. Assign each SMART goal to a person who will be accountable for completing the goal
  3. Then establish a reasonable timeline for each of the goals
  4. Build metrics so that progress towards the goals can be measured and communicated
  5. Meet regularly to review progress and establish accountability
  6. Finally, celebrate milestones and build momentum!

In conclusion, review these articles for more great information on implementing your strategy:


A half-baked strategy well executed will be superior to that marvelous strategy that isn’t executed very well.” –Allan Gilmour, vice chairman, Ford Motor Co.


How successful have you been at implementing your strategy? Leave your comments below!


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