Growth is Not Easy But It is the Only Option

In order to grow in your ability as a business leader you must change. This is basically an empirical law . . . there are no exceptions to this!



Before you change, it is wise to understand that any change is accompanied with a certain level of disruption. This is also an empirical law. The amount of change you go through is directly proportional to the level of disruption you experience.


And, with any disruption there is always discomfort! In fact, the level of disruption is proportional to the level of discomfort that you will feel.


So, this doesn’t seem like a very compelling reason to grow! It appears that growth is something to avoid if you don’t want to experience discomfort or disruption! However, if you want to experience opportunity and reward, you must experience disruption and discomfort  . . . And this is the final component of the growth cycle.

Seasons of growth, change, disruption, and discomfort culminate in opportunity and reward. The greater your period of growing, the greater the new opportunities will be.

So the final component of this equation is:


The bottom line is this:

Every leader and every business must seek out positive growth to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. Growth comes with change, disruption, and discomfort but the end result of growth is opportunity!

The alternative is to avoid growing and remain the same. This results in stagnation and decline!

The only choice for forward looking leaders and businesses is a simple one . . . embrace growth and opportunity!

Rick Warren sums it up well by saying: “We have to make intentional choices in order to grow. There is no growth without change, there is no change without loss, and there is no loss without pain. If you are going to grow, you will have to change, and change means you let go of some old things in order to grab hold of some new things.

Take Action

The action for you this week is twofold.

  1. Firstly, take stock of your ability as a leader. Are there areas in your leadership ability that are holding you and your business from growing to the next level? What can you do to grow as a leader to mitigate this weakness and enable you and your business to step up to new levels of opportunity?
  2. Secondly, what areas in your business need attention? Where do you need to grow and what changes do you need to implement to realize new opportunities that are currently beyond your capabilities and reach! Where can you challenge the status quo and conventional wisdom and make positive changes?

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You can have control or you can have growth, but you can’t have both!” Craig Groeschel


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