Would You Rather Choose the Path of Preservation or Innovation?

Have you ever played the game “Would You Rather? It’s a game where you ask the question;  “Would you rather do X or Y?” It is usually a younger, more “silly” crowd that plays it . . . like my own kids when they were teenagers. They could entertain themselves for hours with outlandish “would you rather” scenarios!

I recently was at a conference where Andy Moore was speaking and he challenged the crowd with the statement; “we can take a path of preservation or a path of innovation. You cannot do both. You must choose one or the other.

This really made me think about business leaders and the seemingly innocuous decisions that we make every day that shapes our destiny and the destiny of our businesses and our employees.

Any business that chooses to take the path of preservation rather than the path of innovation will die. Preservation may seem like the safe path because it is the path of least resistance. It may be the path that is the least painful up front. However, it is the path to irrelevancy and decay.

Preservation = Death

What do you think about when you think of the word preservation? Treated lumber is preserved. Petrified wood is preserved. Fossils are preserved. Mammoths are preserved. Egyptian mummies are preserved. And all these preserved things are dead! The path of preservation inevitably ends in death.

There is no future in the status quo. There is no future in preservation!

Innovation = Hope!

On the other hand, innovation is the key to business relevance and longevity in today’s fast changing marketplace. Innovation is not an easy path. There are tough decisions, big risks, and uncharted terrain ahead of the business that chooses to innovate. However, the rewards are huge! There are market challenges to overcome, demographic changes to leverage, new products to invent, new people to meet, new markets to create, and new value to add!

There is a future with innovation!

Take Action

So, what path will you chose for your business? Would you rather chose the path of preservation or of innovation?

This is an important decision that may require a mindset shift and a culture shift in your organization. Decide what changes you need to make to implement this culture of innovation and get started today . . . Your future depends on it!

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