Mover of Men and Mountains

This weeks book review is Mover of Men and Mountains by R.G. LeTourneau.

Although this is quite an old book, it is extremely interesting and motivating. LeTourneau does a great job documenting the ups and downs of his amazing journey through life. LeTourneau was the inventor of most of the massive, mechanized things with blades, wheels, or tracks that we see in use today. From bulldozers to cranes and earth movers to forestry equipment, he was an innovative, inventing machine!

My take-away from this book is that I need to reframe the problems I encounter so that I am focusing on the solution rather than the size of the problem. As R.G. LeTourneau said, “…there are no big jobs, only small machines….”

Reframe the problem by building a bigger machine that “dwarfs” the problem!

For more information, refer to the post 10 Questions that Turn an Insurmountable Problem into an Inconsequential Event.



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2 thoughts on “Mover of Men and Mountains

  1. I read this book years ago, and amazed at how much still comes back about his story. Trying to ‘trick’ his customers into getting rid of steel wheels feels like some of my negotiations!