How to Decrease Costs, Drive Growth, and Increase Profits

As most years do, 2016 seemed to come and go rather quickly! It is probably safe to say that 2016 was filled with a lot more challenges than usual for many people . . . especially those who rely on the oil and gas market for their livelihood. Many people lost their jobs and many businesses were shuttered.

However, many business also thrived and grew in 2016. It’s not that these businesses were immune from the downturn but rather were nimble, efficient, and able to adjust and change their focus to find new markets for their products and services.

This is what my eBook “12 Steps to Business Transformation” is all about. It describes a business system that will help any business to decrease costs, drive growth and increase profits. You can download it for free using this link or from Amazon using this link.

In addition to higher level concepts outlined in this eBook, I have provided many more details of business transformation in my weekly blog posts. My top five blog posts for 2016 were;

  1. How to Build a Powerful Business Strategy
  2. How to Use Powerful Goals to Ignite Your Business
  3. 4 Critical Rules for Any Business
  4. 13 Qualities of Successful Business Leaders 
  5. Five Ways to Avoid the Stupidity of “Group Think”


I will leave you with this question: What is it that you need to take responsibility for in 2017 to make yourself and your business even more successful?

Wishing you a happy, successful and prosperous New Year!


Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.” Zig Ziglar


Leave a comment below on what you are going to in 2017 to make your business more successful.


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