How Peer to Peer Recognition Can Dramatically Improve Your Business

Peer to peer recognition is one of the most powerful workplace motivators there is. When your workplace culture encourages employees to recognize their peers for; work well done, stellar customer interactions, mentoring, going above and beyond, etc., you are positioning your organization for success.

I have seen peer to peer recognition systems implemented in many different organizations in many different ways. It can be as simple as an email, a pat on the back, a handshake or an anonymously submitted form. It can be as formal as a monthly meeting with all employees where people are recognized for their exemplary service.

Benefits of Peer Recognition

Regardless of the recognition method used or the reward offered, employees love to be recognized by their peers for their work. This recognition;

  • Is motivating
  • Drives the employee to do more of the same
  • Inspires the rest of the staff to step it up and continuously improve
  • Improves productivity
  • Improves interactions with the customers and ultimately their satisfaction
  • Improves profitability
  • Increases employee engagement at work

What Does a Peer to Peer Recognition System Look Like?

As mentioned above, a peer to peer recognition culture can take many forms. I have listed a few examples below;

  • A simple pat on the back or handshake to recognize someone for a job well done
  • A note to, or conversation with, a peer’s manager to explain what great work they are doing. The manager then follows up with the employee to deliver the great feedback.
  • A system that collects recognition forms that are completed by staff for their peers when they witness the person doing something deserving of recognition. These forms list the specifics of the recognition and are used in a monthly draw for some sort of small prize (e.g., $25 Starbucks card). Note that if this is set up properly, these positive comments then could be used as grounded feedback for employee’s performance assessments (which would compound the positive motivation!)
  • A monthly system that collects “recognition votes” submitted by all employees voting for the person who contributed the most to the business that month. At the end of the month, the staff member that has the most votes gets a recognition trophy which they get to display at their work space until a new recipient is voted in the next month.

Important Implementation Guidelines

When you are setting up your peer to peer recognition system it is important that you;

  • Explain the rules of the system clearly
  • Ensure everyone understands how to participate and how to be recognized
  • Communicate what behaviors are core to your organization and should be recognized
  • Make sure that the recognition system reinforces the organization’s vision, mission, values
  • Be sure that it is fair for everyone
  • Administrate it consistently (don’t skip or forget it one month and try to resurrect it again the next month)
  • Model the culture by getting the organization’s leaders actively involved in nominating staff for recognition

To summarize, a peer to peer recognition system in your business can improve morale, increase employee motivation and drive superior business performance! Get started implementing yours today by downloading the Peer to Peer Recognition Word file from the Business Tools page !

At work our associates need to be noticed, acknowledged, recognized, and celebrated as the distinctive individuals they are.  If we do not celebrate them in positive ways, they will be tempted to celebrate themselves in negative ways, rewarding themselves with prizes that are not rightfully theirs for the taking.” Tom Morris

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