How to Know When It’s Your Turn To Step Up And Make A Difference

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Seth Godin’s customer service entitled How to Wow Your Customers and Increase Your Sales. The book that Godin was shipping me was his latest project entitled “What To Do When It’s Your Turn (And It’s Always Your Turn). It is written in the typical Godin style; thought provoking, short, insightful and witty.

The basic premise of the book is that each of us needs to step up, take action and make a difference. We should not be worried about failure or what others think. We should concentrate on what we do best, our areas of strength, and put these strengths to work.

I found the book challenged me as I am often guilty of procrastinating and not stepping up to do something that I know I can do well. Because of this challenge, last week I posted How To Get Unstuck and Start Moving Towards Success. This post was more personal and how on a personal level we need to step out and start moving to get unstuck.

From a business perspective, as leaders and as business owners, we need to be vigilant and ensure that we are providing the proper example for our employees. This sets the tone for the entire organization. If you want to lead a business that is known for making a difference, you have to have employees that consistently stand up and make a difference. They will not do this unless you provide that example. Your employees will do what they see you doing not what they hear you saying.

Your actions speak so loudly I cannot hear what you say.Ralph Waldo Emerson

Godin’s whole book can be summed up by a poem on page 145;

To Be An Artist

Is to be on the hook

To take your turn

To do things that might not work

To seek connection

To embrace generosity first

To take responsibility

To change someone

To be human


So, it’s your turn…it’s time to step up, step out and make things happen. What should you be doing as a leader? What are you going to do about it? When will you step up, take your turn and make a difference?


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