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I am David Taylor, the founder of Thinking Business, and I work with business owners and business leaders to communicate vision, implement strategy, remove process inefficiencies, eliminate debt, improve profitability, increase cash flow, and enhance return on investment.

Basically, I help leaders navigate marketplace complexities and build successful and lasting business legacies.

Join the leaders who are taking their organizations to the next level by contacting me at info@thinkingbusinessblog.com, by calling +1 (587) 227-5179, or by downloading my free eBook “12 Steps to Business Transformation.”

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My intent with this blog is to provide timely, insightful and useful content that is relevant for your business, career and personal life. I write on business, leadership and productivity topics and I share tools, tips and techniques when I find them or create them.

To get a good understanding of what I write about each week, take a look at my top five blog posts from 2017.

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In addition to the weekly Blog posts, I offer Consulting Services, free Business Tools, and facilitated Mastermind Groups.

My Biography

I have worked in the engineering and construction business since graduating with an electrical engineering degree in 1989. After a brief stint in Vancouver and Seattle, I moved to Calgary in 1990 and started with an employee owned automation and construction company called Kenonic Controls. I worked my way up from an engineer in training to a lead engineer and then a project manager. In 2000, a large, multinational company acquired Kenonic Controls and I moved from project management roles into business management and then the overall director running the $100M/year engineering business in Calgary. From there, I took on a global role with responsibility for a $1.5B portfolio of projects.

I have now moved into business consulting with my new venture, Thinking Business. I spend my time working with startups, small, and medium sized businesses and non-profits. I help business owners and business leaders communicate vision, implement strategy, remove process inefficiencies, eliminate debt, improve profitability, increase cash flow, and enhance return on investment.

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I have been married for 29 years to my wife Kelly and we have two daughters, one son, one son-in-law, one granddaughter and one grandson. I enjoy playing hockey, going to the gym, mountain biking, mountain climbing and, of course, reading and writing.

I have also written, Strength Zone: Discover Your Place of Maximum Effectiveness;


co-chaired and co-authored a Construction Industry Institute research effort RT315 – Successful Delivery of MegaProjects;


and, been featured in a Canadian Business Magazine article Sometimes the only way to drive change is to “burn the boats”

Burn the Boats

You can also find my blog posts at places like AlphaGamma – Business Portal for Millennials in the UK.

Connect with me today at info@thinkingbusinessblog.com or by calling +1 (587) 227-5179.  And don’t forget, your free copy of my eBook “12 Steps to Business Transformation” is waiting!

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I can be contacted at +1-587-227-5179 or by email at info@thinkingbusinessblog.com

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