How To Overcome Fear So It Doesn’t Destroy Your Business

The biggest obstacle standing between you and fulfilling the vision for your organization is fear!

I recently had a chance to listen to Gary Haugen speak at a conference and he was really clear about this point. Fear is the silent destroyer of dreams.

Leadership begins with a dream and fear fights hard to destroy it! Leaders must be vigilant and not give in to fears.

What would have happened if Winston Churchill would have given in to his fears and given up hope that Allies would prevail? What would have happened if Martin Luther Jr. would have given into his fears and not shown up for his “I Have a Dream” speech?

Why You Need to Eliminate Your Single Point of Failure

A single point of failure, SPoF, in your business can literally devastate your business overnight yet many business leaders spend little or no time at all protecting their business against these risks!

In 1995, a rogue trader brought down Barings Bank through fraudulent, unauthorized, speculative trading. The bank, which had been established in 1762, had a single point of failure and did not have controls in place to protect itself. It’s SPoF destroyed it!

Similarly, uncontrolled trading of oil futures has crippled more than one oil company in recent years. Other businesses have been bankrupted due to manufacturing shutdowns caused by natural disasters, social uprisings, political unrest, wars, etc.