Who Is In Your Library?

Last week I wrote about the importance of setting up your Advisors Network and I listed a number of my Advisors Council members that have really helped me over my career. This weeks post will list some of the books or references from these icons that I have leveraged over the years. In many cases I have multiple books from each of these authors but I will limit the list to the one source from that individual that made the biggest difference in my professional development.


Set Yourself Up For Lifelong Success: Build Your Advisors Network

We have all heard a lot about networking over the years and how it is important for each of us to get out into the marketplace and build our network. Although I agree that building this personal network is important, it is what you do with the network you create that will determine your future success.

The focus of this post is not on leveraging your network for business or sales but rather working with your network to set up what I call an Advisors Network. No one knows everything that is needed to be successful in life and business in every circumstance. We all need help in many areas over the course of our lifetime. This is where the Advisors Network comes in.  It allows you to leverage the expertise of many people when you need this specific expertise. Each of these people brings something to the table that you may not have as a strength or as a skill.

Mediocrity is a Dangerous Virus. What is the Cure?

Have you ever settled for mediocre in some area of your life or business? Did you notice how easy it was for this mediocrity to spread from that area to something else and then from there to another area and so on?

Mediocrity is like a dangerous virus . . . it is highly contagious. The smallest seed of mediocrity will grow and, once you are infected in one area of your life, mediocrity will spread everywhere. Mediocrity can define and even destroy you!!!

Mediocrity comes naturally to us. This is because mediocrity is the easy path. Mediocrity is swimming downstream with the majority instead of swimming upstream against the current. It is the path that is the least painful. It is the path of least resistance.

How To Get Unstuck And Start Moving Towards Success

Are you at a place in some area of your life or business where you feel you are stalled? Maybe you are not quite sure what to do next? Should you change careers, change employers, hire some new staff, go after a new market segment, chase a new account, acquire a new business or divest a portion of your business?

Are the factors of the decision overwhelming or maybe some of the details have not come in so your vision has not yet taken shape and you feel you are simply “stuck in a rut”?

Perhaps the best thing to do to get “unstuck” is to just do something. As Michael Hyatt said;