The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Law

This week’s book review is The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Law by Constance E. Bagley and Craig E. Dauchy.

This is a reference book rather than a traditional business book. You don’t need to read this cover to cover rather, you only reference the section that applies to the business and legal need at hand. It is a great reference manual that every entrepreneur and business leader should have on their shelf. The guide covers topics from incorporation to building a contract and from intellectual property to IPOs.

Does Leadership Need To Be Regulated?

There have been some incredible epic failures in leadership over the years and the rate of the failures seems to be increasing and the seriousness of the incidents seems to be getting worse. We are left in the aftermath of these failures asking a ton of questions;

  • Why are leaders failing so often and in such a dramatic fashion?
  • What has changed in our society that could be contributing to these failures?
  • What sort of training does a leader need to become a leader?
  • Do we need to regulate leaders by implementing certification organizations similar to what exists in North America for medical doctors, lawyers or professional engineers?