How Strong Values Engage Employees and Increase Profits

12 Steps to Business Transformation – Step 3

Over the last few posts, I introduced my Ebook 12 Steps to Business Transformation and I defined Vision and Mission, the first 2 steps of the 12 transformational steps. This week we are going to talk about Values.

Defining the Values for your business is step 3 in my new Ebook “12 Steps to Business Transformation.”

Values describe the behaviors that will get you from where you are now to achieving your Mission and ultimately attaining the Vision.

Where Vision defines WHY your organization exists and Mission defines WHAT the organization does, Values are the driving behaviors that govern HOW the organization drives toward successful outcomes.

Values are the foundation of any organization.

A Clearly Defined Vision Can Transform Your Business

12 Steps to Business Transformation – Step 1

Vision is a powerful picture of the future which creates an ideal and unique image of what your organization will become or achieve. It provides the reason for the organization’s existence. It defines the organization’s reason WHY and is the “North Star” that every action in the organization is guided by.

Defining the vision for your business is also step 1 in my new free Ebook “12 Steps to Business Transformation.”

This is arguably the most important step in any business. Without it, there is no apparent reason for the business to exist and nothing for the employees or staff to rally around.

12 Steps to Business Transformation

12 Steps to Business Transformation is founded on a simple business model and describes the 12 steps required to implement and execute on the model. The whole model is summarized in the Thinking Business Blueprint shown below.

How Peer to Peer Recognition Can Dramatically Improve Your Business

Peer to peer recognition is one of the most powerful workplace motivators there is. When your workplace culture encourages employees to recognize their peers for; work well done, stellar customer interactions, mentoring, going above and beyond, etc., you are positioning your organization for success.

I have seen peer to peer recognition systems implemented in many different organizations in many different ways. It can be as simple as an email, a pat on the back, a handshake or an anonymously submitted form. It can be as formal as a monthly meeting with all employees where people are recognized for their exemplary service.

The Secret To Building A Successful Organization

As leaders, we should think of ourselves as teachers and try to create companies in which teaching is seen as a valued way to contribute to the success of the whole.Ed Catmull


Here is the secret: Real leaders are teachers! If you are not teaching your staff, you are missing a huge leadership opportunity and limiting the overall potential for your business.

I started doing noon hour training sessions in the mid-90’s. I think the first few sessions I did were on goal setting (based on Les Hewitt’s The Power of Focus) and they were pretty rough (a special shout out to all those who attended and never walked out!) However, the more sessions I ran, the better I got. I then encouraged others to do the same thing and we ended up with all kinds of employee led training sessions.