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I have had quite a few people ask me what iPad apps I use for business and personal purposes. I am always trying out apps that are useful and boost my productivity. The following are currently my favorite iPad apps.

  • Microsoft OneNote 2013 (1PC/1User) [Download] – this is perhaps the best and most powerful productivity app that I use. OneNote started off as a PC based program that Microsoft sold that allowed the user to take notes and organize them in any way they desired. This includes graphics, pictures, sound bytes, emails, webpages, screen captures, etc.) The goal of OneNote is to replace your handwritten notebooks. It was turned into an app a number of years ago and I have the app installed on my iPad and my iPhone. The data is synched through the cloud so each device is always up to date. I have not used a paper based notebook since I installed the OneNote program on my laptop back in about 2005. OneNote allows you to take and file all your notes electronically so you can search on keywords and find all the notes you ever took on that subject. Comparing paper based notebooks to OneNote is like comparing a rubber raft to a nuclear powered aircraft carrier! Watch for a future post on how I organize my OneNote.

  • Kindle – almost all the books I read now are in electronic format and 95% of them are read using Amazon’s Kindle app. I read about a book every month so having all the books electronically has really lightened my backpack (not to mention having all my books at my fingertips should I need to reference them for any reason).
  • Dropbox – this is a data storage service allowing users to store their files in the cloud. The first 2 gigabytes are free and after that there is a fee. I use Dropbox on my PC, iPad and iPhone so that all of my data is available regardless of the device that I am using.
  • Pocket – this is an amazing app that allows you to store web based articles for future reference. I use this whenever I see an article that I want to read but don’t have time at the moment. I just send a link to Pocket and then, when I have time, I can go back and review it. The articles can be read offline once the app is synched and the articles are downloaded. This makes it a good tool for reviewing articles on long flights.
  • Buffer – I started using this app in 2013 after a recommendation by Guy Kawasaki. It allows you to store posts and schedule them to be sent to your social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. It is extremely useful if you are into that sort of thing.
  • Paper 53 – this app allows you to draw, color, doodle and write on your iPad as if it were a piece of paper. I use it for brainstorming and sketching out diagrams or wirelines.
  • P90X – this is a handy little app for those of you who like working out. It has countless exercise routines that will be a challenge for even the fittest of athletes.
  • iMuscle 2 – this iPad app offers great anatomical graphics of every weight training exercise you can think of. There are exercises starting with your Achilles’ tendon all the way to your vastus medialis.
  • Audible – This is an app that lets you listen to audio books on your iPad or iPhone and the app keeps the two (or more) devices in synch with each other. There are various plans with Audible (monthly subscriptions or pay as you go). This is a great way to get through books while you are commuting.


In a future post I will list some of my favorite iPhone apps.

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