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I recently read “Die Empty” by Todd Henry. This is an amazing book that challenges the reader to understand their purpose and to live out their life fully so that they will not have any “unwritten novels, never launched businesses, unreconciled relationships and all the other things that people thought ‘I’ll get around to that tomorrow'” left in them when they die. One of the better concepts that I pulled out of the book is something Henry calls a “Code of Ethics.” This is not a list of rules like the 10 commandments that everyone absolutely needs to follow everyday. A Code of Ethics is a set of principles that apply to you personally and define how you approach everything in life. This code will be different for everyone as we are all unique individuals with unique gifts, talents and interests. Although I had thought about this some in the past, this book motivated me to write out my Code of Ethics. They are; 1. Curious – I will never settle for the first answer but will always probe to get to the underlying principles (I share this one with the author) 2. Potential – I will always add value to every situation, encounter and relationship so that I help everyone maximize their potential 3. Wisdom – I will strive after wisdom, learning something new everyday 4. Action – I will take action rather than procrastinating 5. Improvement – Pleased but not satisfied…I will continuously improve everything I am involved with Take some time and define what your Code of Ethics is and think about how you can leverage this to become better in every area of your life.

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2 thoughts on “Code of Ethics

  1. Hi Dave, It is always a pleasure to read your posts as they are filled with wisdom which help immensely in my personal development. Thank you and keep sharing.
    I have read your book “Strength Zone” wherein you have mentioned in detail about Values. After reading this post I think the Code of Ethics essentially relate to the Values. Please correct me if it is otherwise.

  2. Dave, this looks like a very interesting read. Appreciate the summary, and the sharing of your perspective. Thank you!