The Business Blockchain

Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology

This week’s book review is The Business Blockchain by William Mougayar.

Although this is not an easy read, Mougayar does an excellent job of explaining the blockchain and how it is positioned to fundamentally change the way we do business. These fundamental business changes will radically impact society. The blockchain is positioned to transform any transaction or interaction requiring any level of trust. This includes; financial transactions, contract verifications, private records storage and sharing, contractual work completed, identity verification, title ownership, etc..

My takeaway from this book is that the impact Blockchain will have on our world is unknown at this point. Trying to understand the impact it will have is like someone in 1990 trying to predict the impact that the Internet would make and how things would look in 2010.

My best guess is that the Blockchain technology will evolve (like the Internet and world wide web did) and it will look quite different in 10 years from what it looks now. However, business leaders must stay abreast of the technology changes and ensure that we are leveraging them so we are riding the technology wave and not crushed by it!

Does Leadership Need To Be Regulated?

There have been some incredible epic failures in leadership over the years and the rate of the failures seems to be increasing and the seriousness of the incidents seems to be getting worse. We are left in the aftermath of these failures asking a ton of questions;

  • Why are leaders failing so often and in such a dramatic fashion?
  • What has changed in our society that could be contributing to these failures?
  • What sort of training does a leader need to become a leader?
  • Do we need to regulate leaders by implementing certification organizations similar to what exists in North America for medical doctors, lawyers or professional engineers?

How Much Are Poor Listening Skills Costing You?

Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” James the Great

I cannot even count the number of times that I have broken this rule! Listening seems so easy . . . just sit there with your mouth closed and ears open without jumping in with an opinion or advice. Turns out it’s not that easy for people like me!

Listening is definitely something that takes patience, practice and discipline to do properly. However, it is incredibly important for every leader to master the art of listening. The benefits of listening to those around you can be huge while the downside of not listening can devastate your relationships, career and business!

When you are quick to speak and you listen very little, you will steamroll over the great thoughts, ideas, solutions and feelings of all those around you. If no one gets a chance to fully explain their thoughts before you interrupt them with your advice and opinions, you will begin to isolate yourself from the full potential of these people. You are slowly choking off their willingness to engage you in conversation and this means that you are choking their potential, your potential and the organization’s potential.

When you fail to listen to someone, you;