How to Get Employees to Crush Your Business Goals!

How many times have you seen corporate goals or objectives rolled out to an organization in a company-wide meeting? At first, the employees are all fired up, they clap exuberantly, and then they forget about them within 24 hours!

In another situation, the goals are presented in a vaguely worded poster attached to a company wide email. The employees speed read the email and promptly “file” it to the deleted bin . . . along with any memory of the goals.

Not setting business goals properly is a big mistake that renders them almost useless! Furthermore, when you do not properly communicate them, no matter how well you define them, they are doomed to failure!

I have seen this quite a few times over my career . . . The corporate poster gets rolled out with tons of flashy graphics, bullet points and 9-point font. It is an amazing work of art but there is no organizational buy-in and no accountability. In fact, the goals are usually “dumbed” down so that they look and sound good on the poster but they really mean nothing.