10 Questions That Turn An Insurmountable Problem Into An Inconsequential Event

…there are no big jobs, only small machines….R.G. LeTourneau

R.G. LeTourneau was the inventor of most massive, mechanized things with blades, wheels or tracks. You will find his DNA embedded in everything from bulldozers, earthmovers and mining equipment to feller bunchers, offshore jack-up drilling platforms and intermodal cranes. Whenever he ran into a problem that was too big for his machines, he would simply build a bigger machine.

His view of the world was pretty basic. There are problems in this world that need to be overcome and with enough thought, brainpower and brute force, these problems can be conquered.

How To Thrive In A World Of Ambiguity

If you are like most people, ambiguity is extremely uncomfortable and is something to be avoided whenever possible. Most of us find the lack of definition and lack of boundaries associated with ambiguity a little scary so we attempt to get definitions and boundaries set as quickly as possible. This reduces our personal stress level but it may not result in an optimal solution or situation.

For other people, ambiguity is something that can be manipulated to avoid facing reality or to float through their career without accountability or deliverables. This sort of behavior is obviously unproductive and should be avoided.

For a third group of people, ambiguity is used as a productivity tool. They use ambiguity to help them consider all aspects, perspectives and components of an issue without being tied to any one viewpoint. They are able to objectively evaluate disparate positions or solutions without bias and select the best solution possible.