12 Game Changing Books in 2015

I believe that a lifetime of focused learning is critical for everyone but especially critical for those that want to be successful business leaders. There are many ways to learn but one of the most cost effective and impactful ways to learn is to develop the habit of daily reading.

I tend to read one to two books a month. Most of these are business related books but I do read a wide variety of books so that I am always expanding my worldview as much as possible.

The key with reading a book is to take a few principles out of each book and apply them to your life or business. Don’t just read a book, put it on the shelf and walk away. Take something from the book and apply it so it adds value to you in some way.

What follows is a list of twelve books that I have read this year that have had an impact on how I do things. I have provided a brief description and my biggest personal take-away from each book.