How to Boost Your Business with a Powerful Tool!

Every now and then you come across tool or a process that provides a ton of value in a simple and effective package. This tool or process is easy to understand, easy to integrate into your existing systems, and it provides an extraordinary level of value to you and your business.

The EAC – ITD chart is one of these tools. You need to leverage this tool into your business! Download it from the Business Tools tab on my website.

The Tool

I originally built this tool as a method to track project health when I was responsible for overseeing a large portfolio of projects. It is a simple little graph that tells you right away if your project managers really understand their projects and if their projects are going to meet the organization’s financial expectations.

So, what is it and how does it work?

46 Key Indicators For Successful Portfolio Management

A portfolio can be defined as a group of related or unrelated businesses, projects or programs managed by a single management executive. Based on this definition, are you or your business managing portfolios of projects or businesses?

What key indicators are you using to manage them? An extensive study on portfolio management was completed and published in July 2014 by research team RT303 of the Construction Industry Institute. In this study, the research team identified 46 separate indicators that should be regularly monitored by a portfolio manager.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the 23 Questions To Improve Project Delivery. In this post I listed 23 questions that a portfolio manager can ask project managers to better understand the health of the projects in their portfolio. The post today takes a higher level approach and identifies the key indicators that a portfolio manager should be monitoring every month. These key indicators can also be used to generate your custom set of questions as you take a deep dive into your portfolios and projects each month.