What Negative Value Statements Are Damaging Your Business?

A few months ago, I attended a key note by Marshall Eizenga where he explained that each of us holds value statements or value definitions in our minds. These value statements define how we think, act, react, and respond to the events around us. As such, value statements have a profound impact on our success and the success of the things (e.g., our businesses) and the people that we influence.

There is no one set of “correct” value statements. Rather, we are all products of our environments and our value statements are created throughout our life. They are a product of our experiences and our interpretations of these experiences. Each of us can experience the same thing but form completely unique value statements. These value statements can be either positive or negative.

Positive value statements can be very beneficial to us and the organizations that we lead. Negative value statements can be extremely damaging to us, our businesses, and the people that we influence.

For Example . . .

10 Ways to Provide Sensational Customer Experiences

As technology advances and more and more products and services become commoditized, the only thing that separates one business from another is the customer experience.

Poor customer experience can easily destroy a business . . . If you don’t believe this, just ask United or American Airlines. One ugly incident can destroy the customer loyalty that has taken years to build!

Conversely, exceptional customer service can accelerate a business and its profitability to new heights!

What Experience Does Your Business Provide?

I recently switched things up and gave up my BMW car for the iconic F150 short box 4X4 pickup truck. Aside from the obvious complete change in driving performance and utility, I was taken back by the lack of customer experience offered by Ford in comparison to BMW. For example:

Do You Have Days Where You Feel Like You’ve Been Dragged Through A Fiery Crucible?

We live in the crucible between the promise of who we can become and the reality of who we’ve been.Erwin McManus

I love this quote from McManus taken from his book The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life into a Work of Art

What McManus is saying is that in order to get from “who you are today” to your future potential or, the “promise of who you can become”, you will experience a lot of work, learning, change and pain. This journey is not comfortable but it is rewarding. It will stretch you in ways that you don’t want to stretch and it will break you down and then build you back up.

A crucible is defined as “a container of metal or refractory material employed for heating substances to high temperatures.” The crucible is used to break down substances at high temperatures or to refine and purify substances by burning or boiling off impurities.