How A Power Gap Can Destroy You and Your Business

The power gap created by hierarchical leadership results in followers not providing feedback or questioning the leader…leaving the leader isolated and the followers discontent….Sam Adeyemi


A Power Gap is the gap that exists between a leader and their staff. This gap is caused by actions that the leader takes that drives a wedge between them and their employees. The larger the wedge, the larger the gap and the more isolated the leader becomes. Large Power Gaps result in isolation that is dangerous to the leader and to the organization! Power Gaps can create huge blind spots that can cause the leader and the organization to stumble, fall or even be destroyed.

A number of years ago, I reported to a leader whose philosophy was to lead by title only. He felt that because he had a leadership title that he could bark out orders and everyone would just do what he commanded. It was so bad that he rarely even came into the office and, when he did, he rarely spent any time trying to get to know his staff and understand the business. He just barked orders and expected people to do what he said.